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Northern Express
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Did Naeb'dy Bring their Firing Beets?!

41 D 1 L 2 3 points

Well it was decided late last night that it was time for Aberdeenshire’s very own Fairmer to type up the report this week yet again in the absence of anyone else who can type with more than just their right index finger.

Was great to read last week about the old Jam songs and it raised a fair bit of chuckle from most of the lads, especially the ones too young to remember who they were. The youthfulness of the current Elite team was in evidence yet again at the start of the evening last night, when the ref came off a previous game and started talking in his thick Aussie accent about the time “we” ran on the pitch after a victory at Wembley and tore up the pitch and broke the goalposts.

He was met with some very vacant looks from the Elite squad. He asked, “Come on lads, don’t you remember it? It was 1977, and after defeating the English WE all ran on and dug the pitch up. Who was born in 1977?” There weren’t many put their hands up, hence the vacant looks. The rest of us who were on earth at this point were perplexed as we couldn’t ever remember a rugby game being played at Wembley where the Aussie fans did the same as the Scots did. Surely he wasn’t a Scot????

Very little private emails this previous week, a few texts, but nobody with a shiny apple on the night, so no preferential treatment given to anyone this week regarding team selection.

A few old faces who had been missing for a long time returned to the fold including the most important squad member we have, the Elite cool box. It has been missing for some weeks now and was welcomed back with open arms by all the squad. Apparently it had been hiding in the back of Simon’s maids room. It was great to see it back and it was a welcome boost to the lads on another hot evening.

A full complement of teams in Div 4 so we were back to our normal 4 games of 8 minutes each for the first time in 3 weeks.

We sat out the first round of games and limbered up for our first game of the night against the Playas Club who had just been demoted from Division 3. Their first game ended prematurely as they were adjudged to have cheated (not half as bad as Kyle Laugherty, but cheated all the same). The ball went out at the touchline beside where the Elite were grouped. The Playas player kicked the ball back on from touch, Real Bad stopped claiming it had to be retaken properly and Playas scored. The referee, who had about as good a game as Stuart Dougal did at Ibrox on Saturday, walked back to the centre spot indicating a goal.

Real Bad, instantly become real pissed, and they walked off.

No idea what the outcome was, but I am guessing it was 2 points awarded to the Playas Club.

Our first game was starting with a strong Elite line up. Bubbles in goals, Chopper and Terry at the back, Sid in Midfield and Shando up front. We were pushing well early on when Playas came forward on the right hand side. The ball was sent in and seemed harmless enough until their attacker miss hit the ball. It wrong footed Bubbles and we were a goal down. Disappointing start but we were confident of getting an equalizer. We had a few good chances that were either well saved by their keeper or shots we tried to clear the school buildings with.

The game was drawing to a close with the Elite pushing hard for a goal. Bubbles was even playing as make shift sweeper with everyone up chasing the elusive equalizer. The ball then broke out of the Playas box and was hoofed up the pitch. Bubbles then came storming out of his box to challenge for the ball, only to lose out in the tackle. The Playas player couldn’t believe his luck as he rolled the ball into the empty net. Ref then blew seconds later and the first game ended in defeat for the Elite.

Onward and upward with the second game, this time against Real Bad. They had been promoted from Div 5 along with ourselves so we were both looking at this game as a must win if we were to have any chance of being promoted again in a couple of weeks time.

This game started off very well for the Elite with Bubbles having virtually nothing to do at all and the Elite keeping possession. The pressure was rewarded half way through the game when Shando collected the ball down the left side then passed the ball across the edge of the box for the onrushing Terry to slot the ball home.

Again the Elite kept the ball well and passed it through the team with a great deal of confidence. Shando was making some good runs and finding a lot of space down the left side in particular. Another long ball found him on the edge of the box where he took the ball forward to round the keeper. He appeared to only have to hit the target and it was game over, but put it out at the far side for a throw in. He later told me that the ball had in fact gone out and he wanted to retrieve it…..

The game ended with the Elite still retaining possession and it was first win of the night.

No rest for the wicked, so straight into game 3, this time against Norfolk & Chance. They have got to be the tallest team in the league. Great big gangly hoors, everyone of them.

This was a game we could have won 3 times over with the amount of chances we had. Everyone including Bubbles was having a pop at their goal. Unfortunately for us, their keeper either had a brilliant save, or we tried to hit some of the birds nesting in the trees behind the goals.

Chance after chance came and went for the Elite as we tried to see who could hit the ball the highest over the bar. Sid eventually won that little wager with a shot that still had snow on it when it came down.

N&C had a couple of chances that were comfortably dealt with by Chris in goals and the game ended goalless. No idea how it ended goalless with the chances we had, so it was a slightly disappointed Elite that trudged off the pitch at the end.

Never mind, another point and onto the next game.

Last game of the evening with Stevie Summers’ Seven Wonders.

The lead up to the game was dogged with transfer speculation concerning their young midfielder Kevin. Apparently he has had contact from the Elite regarding a possible transfer, but terms and conditions are still to be agreed and according to his agent, there are a few other teams chasing his signature. Watch this space for further news on this and any other transfer activity over the coming months as the Summer Transfer window opens in UAE.

Onto the game and Kevin was putting himself in the shop window with some neat touches that were allowing the SW’s a little more time on the ball than anyone at the Elite would have liked. They were controlling the game and had Elite doing most of the running. The goal eventually came for SW’s and the Elite were yet again left chasing the game.

SW’s seemed to change tactics after going a goal up as if they were managed by Jimmy Calderwood, and sat back on their lead. They seemed happy for the Elite to stroll forward with ease to take shots at their keeper. For the third game of the night though, we were finding a keeper in inspired form. When the shots weren’t on target, the lads were trying to beat the bench mark that Sid set in the previous game.

We weren’t hitting the target regular enough with the chances we had, and when we did, the keeper was equal to the task. We hit balls from everywhere on the pitch at the keeper, but alas it wasn’t to be.

Last game of the night ended with a defeat which was hard to take given the possession we had. If it had been a boxing match, we would have won by KO long time ago, such was the dominance of the Elite.

3 points for the night and looking forward to next week. No reason with a little more luck and better shooting in front of goal we can’t turn the slim defeats and draws into wins.   

Great effort from all lads involved last night :

Bubbles – Fit the f*ck were you dee’ing in the first game for the second goal? Other than that, great performance and good communications throughout. Also made some vital saves.

Chopper – Marshalled the team well from the back and could have had a couple of goals had the goals been rugby posts. Some great tackles.

Shando – PASSED the ball to Terry to score in the second game. Now had a couple of assists in previous weeks too. Made some great runs, but the ball was never out in the second game…..

Sid – Won the competition for the highest anyone could kick a ball but also put in a power of work in the middle. Unlucky with some shots that were well saved.

Terry – Ran non-stop the whole night. Looked knackered after the first game too. Added a lot of grit in the middle and got stuck in well.

Chopstix – Was also unlucky with a few shots that were well saved. Ran his heart out again and tracked back brilliantly when required.

Tinman – Great effort from tinners again last night. Covered a lot of the pitch and was unlucky not to score in the last game when he went on an incredible mazy run.

Satch – The old man in the team last night and rarely wasted a pass. Was always trying to keep things simple. Kept talking to those around him which was great to hear.

Thanks to Sye for taking along the cool box. Cheers to Beavis, Wayne, Mad Vlad and Andrew for the moral support.

Cheers Fairmer.


Posted by dubainefc at 12:01 AM

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