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Northern Express
Thursday, 7 May 2009
Daily Sport - The Chairman's View

Hello Sportsfans,


Well done on stopping the wrought that has seen us plummet faster than the cost of houses in Dubai. It's been a funny old few weeks for the Elite and the last time I watched the club I was left sad & hurt and how shite we were and how badly we let each other down on the park. On that same night myself, Y- Cardy & Griftstix went back to the Ranches for a few pints and watch the fitba and proceeded in having a great laugh. Laughing is what this Club is all about loons and I was left scratching my noodle thinking WHY WHY WHY......


Its been a funny few weeks for the Chairman too with plenty of golf being played and plenty oh laughs with some of the boys one of whom is our very own Grifter. The big man has been up and doon like a hoors g-string these last few weeks but has maintained the smile on his face and with luck he's turned the corner and will be able to stay in Dubai. Its his news boys but keep your fingers crossed for him this week, I am.


I was encouraged to read & hear that we were starting to have a laugh again and appear to be enjoying our fitba, thank christ as "The Fairmers" coat was on a shoogly nail that could have seen him demoted to "Sponge Bob"


I'm not sure where all the missing Elite are but I'm happy to report that " Bubbles" is fit and raring to play for the Elite again. Nice one Chris see you next week.


So onto last night,


999 - Made some good stops but as we have all become accustomed too played some suicide fitba which put his team mates under heaps oh pressure. He's 100% Elite old Simon and on the night -  7-10

Tin Man - Great to see the Stork Like presence of the Tinners boy back in the ranks and he played magic well he could have done better when he raced doon the line only to realise that he was slower than the worlds economy and fell flat on his face to much amusement fae the sidelines. Great effort Storko  and magic to see you back  8-10

Chesney- Been said before and I will say it again HE IS THE ONE & ONLY and the way he man handled the Pre Madonna off the ball resulting in oor Chesser getting his marching orders just shows that he is truly one oh us. Well done the Chesney.  9 1/2 - 10

Hancock -  I've said this before an ah oor Hanners is Mental I've nae idea what was going on last night but I loved every minute of it. Highlight for me was when Big G scored the first and Hanners let out this yowl that had the ref shaking his noodle and the sidelines shaking with laughter. Well done you crazy bast..d  9-10

Griter - The Nigg bay Lighthouse loves his fitba and played good simple stuff last night. It was joy to see him having a alugh with the troops and his " spin class" thing almost had me crying.  The Elite would be a sad place without you Marty your wee pal Griftstix would have been proud oh you last night 9 3/4- 10

No 9. One of the original Elite Brucy baby was ace last night and he did everything right, scored a goal & run his heart oot, well done pal almost got my MOM -  9.9 - 10

Beavis-  Showed signs last night that he can play with the way he slipped past the fat orange thing and scored what was a great goal BUT he must learn to pass I know its hard for strikers to pass but look up min and keep it simple. 9-10

Big G, BeetleMan, Torry Battery yep you guessed it last but not least our very own Puffing Billy was in my opinion magic last night, now he will disagree but his leadership skills and will to win  is exactly what the Elite needs. His goal last night was magic and his positioning and tackles were a joy to watch. If oor Hulk can get a wee bit fitter then Tuesday fitba for the Elite will be a lot easier.  WELL DONE FATTY 10 - 10 MOM

Big shout loons to Satchmo I had no idea oor Kev was sick last week and I was scared for him when I heard about it. Thank .... your ok Satchmo and I'm saving the best bit of the night for last. This was when I knew for sure that you were OK. So after the games the Elite did the usual walk past the troops with the diver getting plenty oh stick which made the Elite laugh and it continued into Grift telling stories about how much he loves MEL, Wedding plans, SPIN Classes etc only for No 9 to ask " can she reach the peddles" to which the Black man without missing a beat come back with " she has a tricycle" maybe does nae sound funny boys but it was & is up there with one oh the best for a while. I almost shat myself.....

 So boys thanks for the laughs and 4 wins next week is easy. 

 Oh and Scotty Boy this is yer last chance pal the bets are on that you will not turn up next week which is sad when you think about the warm weclome you got from the boys and to put more pressure on you, how can you turn your back on the Reds and sleep at night ?????? You should take a leaf out of Yeatsers book...


Posted by dubainefc at 12:01 AM

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